Intuitive Energy Healing Course

* Connect to your Intuition

* Heal Yourself & Others

* Trust Your Inner Voice

* Receive Messages from your Angels, Guides and Ancestors 

 * Do Intuitive Readings with Others!

Why This Course is Good for you?

  • 1

    Learn Advanced Intuitive Techniques.

    You will learn how to deepen your connection with your Intuition. By the end of the course, you will be trusting your intuition on the spot, without meditation or deep contemplation!  


    You will know the difference between your ego and inner voice, be able to do intuitive readings on yourself and other people. Learn how to use oracle cards and pendulums.  Do future readings, connect to your angels, guides and ancestors.  


    You will leave this course feeling confident in your ability to connect. 

  • 2

    Learn Advanced Energy Healing Techniques.

    Heal yourself and others. 


    You will be shown Advanced Energy Healing techniques. This will allow you to self heal your own body, tap into someone else's energy field and help facilitate their healing, call upon universal energy, invite angels to assist you, use visualization, symbols, and learn to do this all from a distance. You will also learn to use the energy grid to keep healing going after the healing is finished. 

  • 3

    Feel Grounded, Clear and Protect Your Own Energy.

    When connecting to your intuition, healing energy, and tapping into the energy of others, it's imperative to learn to ground and clear your own energy. This allows you to be an open vessel, without picking up any negative energy from others. As a sensitive being, this is important to do before and after all readings and healings. You will also learn protection techniques to help keep your energy clear and open. Learn to remove lower vibrational entities, transform all past life energy that may be holding you back, remove curses, and spells and clear your ancestral line of negative energy. 

  • 4

    Intuitively Manifest.

    If you are at all interested in Manifestation, this course comes with many manifestation techniques and modalities. Learn to use your intuition to tap into your body's ability to powerfully manifest.  You will also learn how to create your own vibrational medicine cabinet using your intuition and manifestation. 

Here's What You'll Get!

Each lesson comes with a practice group and downloadable work sheet to practice at home. There will also be LIVE weekly Question and Answer calls to assist your Intuitive Energy Journey. 


Connect to Your Intuition 

*Connect to your intuition

*Learn the difference between your ego and intuition

*Connect with your Angels and Guides

*Learn Quick techniques to hearing your inner answers

*Learn to do future readings



Align Your Energy

*Learn to align your energy flow into a healthy state within seconds

*Balance your energy to invite health

*Learn to connect to your soul

*Learn to scan your body's energy systems

*Learn to balance all energy fields and chakras.


Learn Body Scanning

*Learn to scan your body, all organs, glands, bones, tissues, etc.

*Learn to scan others bodies 

*Practice body scanning on participants.

*Learn the 4 intuitive skills to enhance your practice

*Speak to your Angels and Guides for more intuitive messages


Learn Ancient Healing Technique

*Open your major energy centres.

*Balance your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

*Learn healing techniques for different ailments.

*Learn to use light to heal.

*Learn visualization techniques and exercises to heal.

*Enhance your Life Force and Intuition.


Learn to use tools to assist your Intuition

*Learn to work with Angel/Oracle Cards and other decks to assist your intuition.

*Learn to use a pendulum to assist your intuition.

*Learn to use muscle testing to assist your readings.

*Practice getting more specific answers with your 4 intuitive skills. 


Learn Dynamic Qi Gong

*Learn Medical Qi Gong.

*Learn Self Healing Techniques.

*Learn to do healing on others.

*Learn to remove entities, negative energy, curses, spells, etc.

*Practice doing healing's on others.

*Learn to do Distance Healing.

*Learn to do focused healing on specific ailments.

*Learn to remove emotional and energetic blockages.

About Keri & Adam

Keri Fulmore is an international Medical Intuitive and Functional Medicine Practitioner, with a diploma in Chinese Medicine.


Keri has been doing Medical Intuitive Readings for 20 years. Keri is highly sought after for her ability to specifically pin point root causes and deliver highly functional protocols.  


Her passion is to teach others to access their intuition, as intuition can lead you to your greatest health and happiness. 


Adam Fulmore is an Intuitive Energy Healer with over 20 years experience. He has studied with Medical Qi Gong Masters, Shamans and Monks.


He has also developed his own highly sought after techniques, with the help of spirit.  Adam also holds a diploma as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. 


It's Adam's greatest passion to help people heal and take their healing into their own hands. 

No Worries... We have you covered!

Included with this course... 

Group Support

You will have access to a private FB group for practice, questions, and community support

Email Support

Need more support? You will have access to Adam and Keri via email, to answer your questions and give you further teaching

Downloadable PDF

You will have access to a work sheets to help further your intuitive energy growth


Connect to Your Intuition

In this lesson you will learn how to connect to your intuition easily and effortlessly. You will learn how to draw upon your intuition within seconds for easy answers. 

​You will also learn the difference between your ego and your inner voice, how to turn off your intuition, how to connect to your Angels and guides, and even how to do Future readings.


We are all intuitive and with a little practice, you will bring forth this gift that lies within you, in an abundant way. 


START DATE : July 15, 2019


You will receive your first course video on July 15, 2019. 


LIVE Question and Answer Call : 12pm EST July 21


​Practice together, hone your skills and ask any questions you may have.


These calls will be done over Zoom.  You will receive a Zoom link for each week's call. 


Align Your Energy

In lesson 2 you will learn to connect to the Divine loving force within seconds to improve your health, clear stress and raise your vibration. 


With guidance you will easily be able to scan your own body for imbalances, illness and dysfunctional patterns that prevent you from thriving.  


You will also learn advance techniques to clear, balance and energize your chakras, meridians and spiritual energy centres.


START DATE: July 22, 2019, you will receive your pre-recorded videos.


​LIVE Question and Answer Call : 12pm EST July 28


Practice techniques together, ask questions and hone your skills.


These calls will be done over Zoom.  You will receive a Zoom link for each week's call.


Connect to Your Body

In this lesson you will learn how to connect to your body using your intuition. You will learn to scan your organs, glands, tissues and more for vibrational frequency, health and infectious invaders.  

This will give you the power to heal your body. 


​You will also learn to do body scans on other people from a distance, practice on participants and invite your Angels and guides to help.  


START DATE : July 29, 2019.

LIVE Question and Answer Call : 12pm EST Aug 4


These calls will be done over zoom.  You will receive a zoom link for each weeks call. 

Lesson 4

Learn Ancient Healing Techniques

In lesson 4 you will dive deep into learning ancient healing techniques that connect you with knowledge of how to heal your body and optimize your health.  


This will help balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and enhance your life force and intuition.


You will learn Healing techniques for different ailments and visualization techniques. You will learn to connect to others from a distance and connect to their energy body and perform distance energy healing. 


START DATE : Aug 5, 2019.


Live Question and Answer Call: 12pm Aug 11.


Ask Questions, hone your skill and practice on others.


These calls will be done over Zoom.  You will receive a Zoom link for each week's call.


Use Tools to Assist Your Intuition

In this lesson you will learn to use tools to assist your intuition.


You will learn to draw upon Angel Cards to guide your readings. You will also learn to use pendulums, muscle testing and your 4 intuitive techniques to perfect the art of utilizing your intuition. 


START DATE : Aug 12, 2019.


LIVE Question and Answer Call: 12pm Aug 18


Ask Questions, hone your skills and practice on participants. 


These calls will be done over zoom.  You will receive a zoom link for each weeks call. 

Lesson 6 

Learn Dynamic

Medical Qigong

In lesson 6 you will learn Medical Qigong for the purpose of healing yourself and others.


Additionally, you will learn how to clear entities, evil energy, unhealthy, curses and spells.  


Learn how to address specific ailments in person and by distance healing. 


You will perfect the art of energetic healing and clearing in this lesson. 


START DATE: Aug 19, 2019.


LIVE Q&A: 12pm EST Aug 25.


These calls will be done over Zoom.  You will receive a Zoom link for each week's call.


Gabby Wnek

It was easy to connect to my intuition.

It was so easy to connect to my intuition with Keri's guidance. I have done/experienced hypnosis and I was not able to get all of the answers and messages during hypnosis than I was able to get when listening to my intuition. All you have to do is really listen and ask the right questions (which Keri will help with) and your mind/body/soul will tell you what you need to do in order to heal. I didn't think it would be that easy, but it really is. It's incredible.

Monica Weaver

Adam's teachings are invaluable.

Since taking this course, I have been able to free myself of back pain, and even do some distance work on friends and family. It is way easier than I had thought.


Thanks Adam!

Mary Vallafskey

I really enjoyed the course.

I was able to connect to my intuition in Keri’s intuitive course. I liked connecting with like-minded people and practicing my intuition on others. I was also able to connect and accurately read several people! Keri provides many suggestion, examples, and hands on tools to learn the process. I really enjoyed the course..

Addi Strasser

Holistic Healer

These Two are the best.

I received a healing from Keri and Adam on April 27 2018. I'd been dealing with low energy, anxiety, depression... Had trouble sleeping, too, all thanks to various stresses. I felt much better immediately after their work. Lighter, freer, like I could breathe, finally. Went to bed early. 

Slept solid and hard last night and woke up this morning with more energy and positivity than I've had in MONTHS!!

These two are the best!! Super professional, loving, and their work is extraordinary!! Thank you, both, for your inimitable help as I work my way through. You rawk!!  


Love Addi

Carolynn Meecham

Real estate agent

Can't Recommend them Enough.

I found Keri from her website and believe I was guided to the most instrumental person to assist me in my healing when nobody else could. I had seen countless doctors to no avail. I was bedridden, suffered from chronic fatigue, hormone depletion and thyroid issues. 


Not only was she extremely instrumental in my feeling better but she was also very generous with her time. There is a wealth of knowledge between Keri and Adam that I am forever grateful for Kerihelped me understand and treat my adrenals, hormones and thyroid. She is brilliant with tests and supplementation! 


Not only did they assist in me getting to the root of my issues, they are also trained in a great number of holistic modalities to further assist my progress. The intuitive gifts they offer resonated with my soul to help me uncover all that I needed to open up and allow me to return to optimal vitality.


I consider it a great honour to have worked with them and can't recommend them enough!!


Susan Chamberlain

Most Gifted and Compassionate Medical Intuitive.

I have been working with medical intuitives and healers since the age of 16. 

Keri Fulmore is by far one of the most gifted and compassionate medical intuitives I have been fortunate to come across. Her intuitive capabilities coupled with her patience and compassion have allowed me to take chances in my life, and live moments that I would not have been able to otherwise. Her intuition seeing into the body and guidance has allowed me to find treatments that have been healing to my system, and that I would not have known about otherwise. 

Due to the fact that Keri has experience in acupuncture, energy healing, and functional medicine, she has a vast understanding of supplements, and the latest treatment modalities in the field of vibrational and functional medicine. This makes her unique, in that her intuition is coupled with studied knowledge of the human body. 

Due to Keri’s own journey in healing, she has a level of compassion and patience I have never come across before. This compassion gives her great depth and understanding of how the emotional and spiritual elements are connected to healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I would entrust the greatest loves in my life to her care and I am thankful every day for her presence.


Is this Course Right for You?

If you are feeling called to Master your Art of connecting to your Intuition for yourself and others.  If you are wanting to learn how to clear your own energy, self heal and do distance energy healing on others. Then you are in the right place. 


  • Someone who has an interest in Advanced Intuitive and Energy Healing Techniques

  • Someone who would like to practice on others and fine tune their skills

  • Someone who would like to learn to perfect their own energy centres.

  • Someone who leads from the heart rather than the head.


  • This is not for someone that can not find the time to practice on their own time.

  • This is not for someone who does not believe we are energy beings and we have the power to shift our circumstances

  • This is not for someone that does not believe in themselves and their ability to expand.

  • This is not for someone that does not believe in Angels, guides and spirit beings.

Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

Many Courses fall short with practical ways to practice. This is why we have decided to add in the following. 

Intuitive Energy Healing Facebook Community.

This is a Facebook group to connect with as a community to fine tune your skill. Practice on each other, support each other and receive pop up teachings from Adam and Keri. 

Downloadable PDF's.

We realize that some people learn best by reading. That is why we have created downloadable PDF's for you to follow along to during the course.

Live Participants to Practice On.

You will get to practice on people to give you confidence and hone your craft..  We will have live participants for you to practice on during the Q&A classes each week.

Course started July 15th, but you can still signup with our learn as you go program!  

Choose Your Plan Below.

We have decided to three payment types to help all those that may want to take part in this course. 

One Payment

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Two Payments of



per month

4 Payments of 



per month


What if I can't make the live Q&A calls?

What if I can't connect to my Intuition?

We have never had anyone not be able to connect to their intuition. However, we have got you covered. If you are really having trouble with it, email us at and we will set up a personal call. 

Do you offer refunds ?

Will I be able to do Intuitive Readings other than Medical Intuition?

Will I have lifetime access to the course ?

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