Activate Your Inner Medical Intuitive

To Heal Your Body, In Only 6 Weeks

Dear Beautiful Intuitive Soul,


Have you ever had a time in your life, where you felt like you had no-one to turn to for answers?


Maybe you have been to many different doctors and practitioners, and still not found what you were seeking?


Perhaps, you have tried many roads, many supplements and many healers, but still feel like you are struggling with your health?


Maybe, you have this deep inner knowing that you have the answers you seek, but just need some assistance with how to unlock them.

My name is Keri Fulmore.

I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. I know how hard it is to feel lost and alone navigating a health challenge, trying out many different modalities hoping that "this one" could be the one. 


That is why I developed this course. I want to save you many months of searching, trying to figure things out by yourself, and empower you to find the answers within. 


After the birth of my second daughter, I was suddenly hit with chronic body wide nerve pain. It prevented me from being able to get out of bed, play with my children, and even somedays smile. I was told after seeing many doctors, neurologists, naturopaths and healers, that they couldn't find anything wrong with me. What I had, did not have a name. I was a Zebra. I tried many modalities, many of which made me worse. In fact, I spent thousands of dollars, desperate for healing. 


I remember the feeling of thinking maybe I would have to learn to live with this pain. That is when a little voice inside of me told me otherwise. That was the voice of my intuition. The more I tuned into that voice, I was guided to the very things that finally healed my body. I called this my great awakening. Today, I am pain free. 


We all have that voice inside of us, ready and willing to help us feel our absolute best. Through connecting with this voice, I have learned many different secrets to health. I have watched many people connect to that voice and lead them to a place of wholeness in their own bodies. 


What I know for sure is that there are many different health challenges out there, but each and every one of us has an inner voice, ready and willing to guide us to removing the blocks that are standing in our way to balanced health. 


In Activate Your Inner Medical Intuitive, I will show exactly how to connect with your inner voice and write your own prescription back to health in 6 weeks. 



    • Learn how to intuitively scan your body to find root causes of health problems. 

      This will help you build confidence and distinguish between your ego and intuition.

    • Solutions that provide you with the healing answers you’ve been looking for. 

      Establish a deep sense of inner peace, love and joy for yourself that you may have been missing for years.

    • Save time not having to see so many doctors and practitioners just to feel well.

      When you know how to intuitively read your body and get the answers you need, it’s so much easier to be healthy. 

    This course is pre-recorded.  

    Week One 

    Communicating with your body and its symptoms which are the key to balanced health.

    • Discover how to scan your body from head to toe and uncover the deeper meanings behind your symptoms. When you know what your body wants, you can give it exactly what it needs.
    • Know exactly what your body is trying to tell you so that you can finally heal.
    • Learn the difference between your ego and your intuition so that you feel confident in yourself.
    • Activate your 3 psychic senses, so you can hear, see and feel your body’s messages on all levels.

    Week Two 

    Dive Deep into the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies, uncovering what is blocking you and how to rebuild.


    • Discover what is depleting you and what is feeding your soul.

    • Learn to recognize unresolved emotional patterns and traumas stored in your body and how to move through them.

    • Learn how to recognize how your daily activities, stress and thoughts contribute to your body’s health and wellness or imbalances.  Rewrite your life to balance your body.

    • Learn how to settle yourself into the present moment so you can make quick decisions that are spirit guided rather than mind led.

    • Learn how to guide your body into a state of less stress and more healing.

    • Practice exercises will be given to hone your skills.

    Week Three 

    Dive Deep into Your Physical Body

    • Learn how to explore each organ and uncover both the physical and emotional messages they have for you.
    • Discover the language of each of your organs and the emotions they dance with.
    • Discover the 7 different physical stressors that break down your health and how to look for them in your own body.
    • Begin writing your personal prescription for health and healing.
    • Learn to trust the wisdom of your soul and take action.
    • There will be homework this week to increase your skills.

    Week Four

    Getting Clarity with Your Health Plan

    • Learn basic protocols for the 7 different physical stressors so you can fine tune your prescription for healing.
    • Your self-empowerment will grow as you learn to ask which modalities, supplements, herbs and treatments are best for you and your body.

    • Learn to talk to your body about foods, which ones contribute to your wellness and which ones deplete you.

    Week Five

    Learn the Energy Systems of your body and how to improve them.

    • Discover the different chakra systems of your body and which energies, emotions and physical blockages affect them.
    • Learn how to balance the energy of your chakras to create stronger coherence in your chakra system.
    • Learn to reorganize the beliefs that are holding you back from healing and affecting your subtle energy centers by working with your chakras.

    Week Six

    Connect with Your Angels and Guides

    • Learn to connect with your Angels, Guides and Ancestors to bring more joy and healing into your life.
    • Learn to ask for assistance from your Guardian Angel.
    • Connect with your Future Self to empower you and create massive change in your body.
    • Learn automatic writing to further your communication skills with yourself, angels and guides.
    • Learn how to use a pendulum to assist your inner compass.


    Bonus #1

    Soul Nourishment for Greater Health and Vitality.​

    • Learn why nourishing your soul every day is essential for your health, happiness and life purpose.
    • Deepen your inner peace with nourishing your soul.
    • Discover how nourishing your soul strengthens your intuition.
    • Learn 3 powerful ways to nourish your soul that can be done in minutes. 
    • Taught by Adam Fulmore, Intuitive Energy Healer

    Bonus #2

    Discover Your Destiny “Blueprint” in this Lifetime through Numerology.

    • Learn how the date you were born reveals the details of your optimal Life Path.
    • Discover how to shift your perspective about the obstacles you may encounter in life to live a healthier life. 
    • Understand what is Karmic Debt and how it could impact you in this lifetime.
    • Appreciate the importance of nurturing your spiritual health.
    • Taught by Ellie Azcunaga, Numerologist.


    Gabby Wnek


    It was easy to connect to my intuition.

    It was so easy to connect to my intuition with Keri's guidance. I have done/experienced hypnosis and I was not able to get all of the answers and messages during hypnosis than I was able to get when listening to my intuition. All you have to do is really listen and ask the right questions (which Keri will help with) and your mind/body/soul will tell you what you need to do in order to heal. I didn't think it would be that easy, but it really is. It's incredible.

    Mary Vallafskey

    I really enjoyed the course.

    I was able to connect to my intuition in Keri’s intuitive course. I liked connecting with like-minded people and practicing my intuition on others. I was also able to connect and accurately read several people! Keri provides many suggestion, examples, and hands on tools to learn the process. I really enjoyed the course.

    Krytal Boyd

    Keri has a true gift of Medical Intuition

    I was immediately taken by her precise description of things that were happening within my body and her accuracy. I found her to have such a warm and kind heart. You can sense how truly passionate she is about what she does and her level of care in helping others.


    Thank you, Keri.


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