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I help people HEAL from chronic health problems and stress without making it complicated, so they can thrive.


Just like the time I helped Heather, Julie and Sonia.....


Before working with Adam, blood work had shown that my thyroid levels were low.


My doctor recommended I start taking a prescription thyroid drug.


Instead, I did 2 Distance Healing Sessions with Adam.


A few weeks later I had my blood work done again. My thyroid levels were back to normal.


I am so thankful that I did not have to resort to taking a prescription medication.


Adam also discovered mercury toxicity in my body that was an underlying cause of other health issues I was dealing with. After removing the mercury, these issues were resolved. I'm so blessed to have found Intuitive Health Solutions.

Heather Mills

I had been suffering from low thyroid, estrogen dominance, lots of hormonal problems as well as chronic pain, anxiety and I was always tired and had a deep sadness within me. I also had what doctors called unexplained infertility.


I am 29 and felt that I am way too young to have all these health issues. I never felt doctors helped me in any way, always wanting to just cover up my problems with medicines that would cause me more health problems.


As I was praying for guidance and a healing I came across this site Intuitive Health Solutions.


I usually turn away but this voice told me to stay and look around. I was then told by my angels to sign up for healing from Adam Fulmore.


Long story short I signed up for 3 Distance Healing Sessions for hormone and emotional issues. It was a lot of work even on my part to release this energy to be set free. A lot of crying a lot of talking and a lot of healing.


My back no longer hurts I feel great emotionally and spiritually and then the most shocking after two years of seeing doctors about my infertility... after our last healing in October I found out I am 5 weeks pregnant.


This to me is amazing and I give the healings done by Adam full credit to this miracle. 

Julie Eubanks

A few years ago I was feeling anxious about my health and some health issues, that have been completely resolved. I feel God led me to Adam Fulmore, who popped up on the internet out of nowhere. And performed a long distance healing that resolved a chronic digestive issue. I have experienced other healings, just by association.

Sonia C.

Who is Adam Fulmore?

Adam Fulmore is an Intuitive Energy Healer with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in energy medicine.  


Adam has helped 1000s of people all over the world heal from chronic illness and stress by finding the root cause and balancing their energy, so their health can naturally return.

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